Private Transportation

RATES 2023


RUMBO EXPLORA have carefully selected the best transport options, between Arequipa and Colca Canyon, all year around. RUMBO EXPLORA offer you the possibility to make your transport reservation, due that not all transport companies have an automatic booking system. We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

Private Transportation

Arequipa / Colca / Arequipa US$340.00 01 – 04 people Minivan (Hyundai – H1) N° of Seats: 05 + luggage space
Arequipa / Colca / Arequipa US$410.00 05 – 08 people Sprinter (Mercedes Benz) N° of Seats: 10 + luggage space
Arequipa / Colca / Arequipa US$500.00 09 – 12 people Large Sprinter (Mercedes Benz) N° of Seats: 15 + luggage space
Arequipa / Colca / Arequipa US$920.00
13-19 people
20-25 people
Minibus Irizar (Mercedes Benz) N° of Seats: 25 + luggage space
Arequipa / Colca / Arequipa US$1,430.00
20-30 people
31-42 people
Bus Irizar (Mercedes Benz) N° of Seats: 42 + luggage space

Private Transportation

DAY 01: AREQUIPA – RESERVE OF VICUÑAS – LOOK-OUT OF VOLCANOS – COLCA CANYON: Early morning around 7:30am a driver will pick you up from the hotel in Arequipa (Peru) then you will be driven to Colca Canyon which is located 165km away from Arequipa and 42km from Chivay town, during the journey we will pass near to the foot of the volcano Misti, and then by pampas Cañahuas place where there is the National Reserve of Vicuña (wild camels with the finest wool in the world). Here you can see the snowy peaks of Misti, the Vizcachani, The Pulpera Callalli, Sibayo and Tuti Village, the giant rocks castles as well as the flora and fauna. We will make a brief stop at restaurant of Patahuasi to take some hot drinks or go to the bathroom. Tojra place where graze lot of alpacas & vicuñas. Then we are going to ascend up to 4910 meters, place called Patapampa, from there you can clearly see the Grand Canyon of the Colca, the snowcapped volcano Misti (Arequipa). According to the Andean custom, formerly travelers crossed mountains and left in their way on the highest part of the way (apachetas) small stones making a wish and leaving all the fatigue in these stones, for this reason that there are on this place (Patapampa) many piles of rocks left by the travelers. Then we descend to Chivay, a small village on the river of the Colca Valley. We arrive to the village of Chivay around 12:30pm. Free time for lunch in Chivay village. In the afternoon we will visit the hot springs (optional). Overnight in Colca valley.
DAY 02: LOOK-OUT OF CONDOR – VISIT LOCAL VILLAGES – RETURN TO HOTEL: Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning around 6:30am a driver will pick you up from the hotel to take you to the viewpoint cross of Condor to appreciate the majestic flight of the condor. The condor world’s largest bird can fly up to 7000 m of height and live up to 85 years approximately. In Inca times the condor was considered a very special divinity because linked the hanan pacha (The world above) with kay pacha (The world of here). There is a clear hierarchy at lunch time, because the adult males will eat first, then adult females and finally young condors, usually the condor are a scavenger (feeding on large mammals). Usually you can see the condor in the morning, at which time they go out of their caves to hunt mammals. The Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the world, which was studied and measured in 2005 by the Polish Andrew Pietowski over 4160m (north side) and 3600m (south side), located in the district of Huambo. The origin of the Colca Canyon is tectonic and formed 150 million years ago. Returning to Chivay on route we will observe the Inca terraces along Colca canyon, likewise some villages as Yanque, Achoma and Maca. Arrival in Chivay village around 12:00pm for lunch. Afternoon at leisure. Overnight in Colca valley.
DAY 03: RETURN TRIP COLCA CANYON – AREQUIPA: Breakfast at the hotel. Then at appropriate time a driver will pick you up from the hotel to return to Arequipa, a car trip of 4:00 hours. Arrival in Arequipa and then transfer to hotel.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Private tourist transportation Arequipa – Colca canyon – Arequipa, stops en route at Pampa Cañahuas National Reserve of Vicuñas, Patahuasi Restaurant, Aguada Blanca & Torja, Patapampa View Point of Volcanoes (4910m), land tourist transportation, return to hotel (Arequipa). Besides pre-trip information + organization and all local taxes. There are no hidden extras in our prices.
NOT INCLUDED: Entrance fees to Colca valley S/. 70.00 soles (Peruvian currency) or US$22.00 (USA dollars), accommodation, transport for hotels located out of Chivay village, entrance fees to hotsprings La Calera, meals, drinks, extras, tips.

IMPORTANT: Our tourist transportation vehicles have nation wide circulation permit and 2 types of insurance (Certificate of Statutory Accident Insurance Transit SOAT, besides has vehicle Insurance Policy to all risks in record) + oxygen & first aid kit + panoramic windows + reclining & confortable seats, exclusive for our demanding customers. Rumbo Explora provide to visitors all possible choices. Beware with illegal local Tour Operators or middleman, who do not pay the real costs to suppliers (transport, local restaurants & guest houses, tour guides & drivers). Help us avoid the explotation.






Technical specifications: Minivan Hyundai H-1 (05 seats) Sprinter Mercedes Benz & Renault (10 to 19 seats), Minibus Mercedes Benz Irizar (25 to 30 seats), Bus Mercedes Benz Irizar (40-44 seats) Equipped with: Reclining seats, retractile seat belts, air conditioner, heating system, plugs for mobile devices.
First Aid Kit & Oxygen: Oxygen bottle & first aid kit in all our excursions & transfers Insurance policy: Our vehicles have National permit circulation and (Certificate of obligatory Insurance for accidents of transit SOAT, besides all vehicles have Insurance Policy to all risks in record)


You can see that in Rumbo Explora we have developed for you tailor-made itineraries with the best price as competitive as possible, providing an excellent service and paying our guides 10% above the legal wage agreed with the tour guides in Peru. Our staff are some of the best paid in Cusco & Machupicchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca, Arequipa & Colca canyon, Lima and Nazca & Paracas, which allows us to attract only the Best Tour Guides, Motor Boats and Land Transportation with national permit, to none other local company, that can only provide a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, ¿How? Hiring tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, besides avoiding taxes to government.
Big Travel companies from Europe, North America, Australia and others work with the Peruvian Tour Operators located in Lima-Peru, who work as middlemen receiving from them good prices from the Tours & Packages, and paying to us 40 to 50% minor the normal price, besides 2 to 3 months delayed, being this the reason that Rumbo Explora have decided to offer tours & packages directly to travelers.